teacher pay cuts

  • Part Time Jobs Wanted By Alpine School Teachers 12-9-13

      Part Time Jobs Wanted. Teachers with terrific references need part time jobs to cover huge pay cuts.  If you have a part time job opening please share on the Community Network for Alpine teachers to apply.  If you know of one please post in the comments. With current nearly 12% salary reduction teachers in Alpine are looking for ways to make ends meet. Thank You. POSTED BY: Susan Lancaster

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  • District Musical Cancelled Due to Pay Cuts Imposed on Alpine Teachers

    12-8-13 Dear Alpine Families, It is with heavy hearts that we write this letter.  Unfortunately, the Alpine Union School District is planning to impose extreme pay cuts on teachers.  As a result, we will be forced into searching for a second job in order to make ends meet for our families, not giving us the opportunity to volunteer our time in extra-curricular activities that have been in place for many years. The district musical has been an opportunity offered to Alpine students for over 35 years, run solely by the volunteer hours of teachers who receive no compensation for their…

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