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  • REAL ESTATE Q & A: What Should I Know About Owning Investment Property? – By Ron Brookshire

    Q.  What should I know about owning investment property? A.  You can make a successful investment by avoiding these mistakes: Being an absentee owner. Visit the property often and talk to your tenants to get feedback. If you bought a house as a “passive” investment, you may want to hire a property management company. Not having adequate insurance. Work with an insurance professional who will see that you are covered. Not charging fair rent. A REALTOR® who is an Investor Specialist can help you decide what is reasonable for the property. Selecting unreliable tenants. Check all references and credit histories.…

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  • Do Real Estate Agents Cost Too Much? By Ron Brookshire – Realtor, The Property Place

      Do Real Estate Agents Cost Too Much? Why do I need a real estate agent when I can sell my San Diego home by myself and save the commission? I hear this statement quite often, so I decided to answer the question with real facts and some simple math. There are so many reasons to a hire a professional to do the job, but today I am going show you the simplest, factual and most important reason… “Show me the MONEY!” FOR SALE BY OWNER (FSBO) – In 2012 the national median selling price of an open-market for sale…

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  • Are ghostly things happening in your San Diego home? By Ron Brookshire – Real Estate Expert

    By Ronald Brookshire What you need to know about “death upon a property disclosures”.  A death in a home or upon a property may be a positive or a negative factor, depending on how a buyer feels about it.  If it were a peaceful family passing, then maybe the buyer sees it as “guardian angels” for their home; if it were violent and negative, then they may view it differently or they may not care at all?  Either way, this information could affect the property value for buyers now or into the future; therefore it may need to be investigated…

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