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    Lions, Tigers & Bears’ Matriarch Tiger, “Natasha” is Facing Expensive Eye Surgery – How YOU Can Help!

    March 10, 2015 – Bobbi Brink, Founder/Director of San Diego’s Lions, Tigers & Bears(LTB) exotic animal sanctuary, announced the sanctuary’s matriarch tiger, Natasha, needs surgery on her eye. Natasha suffers from a subluxated lens and secondary glaucoma. The total cost of Natasha’s surgery is $9,250 and is scheduled to take place at the end of March at the sanctuary’s onsite medical suite. LTB is asking for the public’s support to help cover the costs of this surgery. A subluxated lens occurs  when the ciliary zonules, the fibers that hold the lens in place, break. Natasha’s lens has slipped out of its appropriate…

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