LOST DOG: Female 10 Month Old Golden Retriever Laguna Mountain 4-23-15

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    LOST DOG: Female 10 Month Old Golden Retriever, Laguna Mountain 4-23-15

    4-23-15 LOCATION_DESCRIPTION: 10 month old golden retriever named Casey ran off with her blue handled retractable leash still attached. She bolted and broke the tether. We were at the Mount Laguna El Prado Campground. Her leather collar has a tag with her name and my number. She’s very furry, we hope she survived this cold, rainy, foggy and windy storm! We’ve searched over and over. I hope someone has her! NAME: Laura Mueller EMAIL: Lmsmile1@gmail.com TELEPHONE: 619-454-5046 TYPE: Lost DATE_STAMP: 04/23/2015 TIME_STAMP: 2:30pm

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