Labrador retriever

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    FOUND DOG: Female Yellow Lab, Japatul Valley Alpine Ca. 2-28-16

    2-28-16 Found Dog – female yellow lab found in Alpine, CA. near Loveland reservoir in Japatul Valley. This dog is usually seen with a male of the same color and breed, and cruise around together. Now that it is by itself it will not leave our neighborhood. It has been about 2 weeks since it has decided to stay. Right now it goes to and from between neighbors. If this is your dog or know who’s it is, please call John at 6195179626. or email me HERE  

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  • FOUND DOGS: 2 Female White Labs Found in Palo Verde Ranch 10-15-13

    10-15-13 FOUND DOGS:  2 female White Labs with no collars found in the Old Palo Verde Ranch on Via Dieguenos…super sweet very tired. Call Laura Hamm 619-647-4053

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