Free Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars alpine ca 91901

  • Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars – FREE to Good Homes! Hundreds Available Right Now!

    AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE ADOPTION!!! YOU CAN PICK THEM UP TODAY AT THE ALPINE FARMER’S MARKET! (Sept. 11, 2013) This is an INCREDIBLE DEAL! Monarch butterflies normally sell for $100/dozen or more, and caterpillars range from $2 – $8 each! ONE REQUIREMENT – YOU MUST HAVE MILKWEED PLANT for them to eat!!  Must show proof of possession.  (Photos acceptable.) Monarch butterfly caterpillars must have milkweed — they will not eat ANY other plant!! (See Below) If you have planted milkweed (Asclepias currasavica) but are still waiting for the Monarch butterflies to find it and lay their eggs, here is your opportunity to jump-start…

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