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    Test Your Dogs Dog’s Vermin Hunting Ability at the “Barn Hunt” Workshop – May 21, 2017

    “Barn Hunt” Workshop at Double S Feed on Sunday May 21, 2017 at 2pm Barn Hunt is a fun new awesome dog sport designed to demonstrate a dog’s vermin hunting ability.  Dogs negotiate obstacle courses of straw to locate rats safely hidden in aerated heavy duty pvc tubes.  This fun game tests the dog’s speed, agility, scenting and discrimination abilities.  Dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes may participate.  Barn Hunt rules can be found at The Intro Workshop will introduce the handlers to the sport of Barn Hunt and its history while the dogs will be introduced to…

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  • Local News

    Jennifer’s Feed Has a New Name and a New Owner!

    The Double S Tack and Feed is excited to announce that they have expanded and have purchased Jennifer’s Feed in Alpine and have re-named it “Alpine Country Feed & Supply”! We want to first thank Jennifer Kruse for all her dedication and hard work over the years and congratulate her on how well she catered to her customers.  This type of service she provided made the transition quite simple for us to come into the community.  The relationships we have established over the years at The Double S have added to that community support and we are simply thrilled to…

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