Cedar Fire

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    Chairwoman Dianne Jacob Welcomes State Rejection of SDG&E Proposal to Bill Taxpayers for 2007 Fires

    CHAIRWOMAN DIANNE JACOB San Diego County Board of Supervisors STATEMENT – 11/30/17 County Supervisor Dianne Jacob reacts to the state’s rejection today of a SDG&E bid to bill ratepayers for $379 million in costs tied to the region’s 2007 firestorms: “State regulators did the right thing by holding SDG&E financially accountable for some of the worst fires in California history. SDG&E’s bid to stick ratepayers with the bill was outrageous and an insult to all those affected by the 2007 disaster. Folks died in these fires and many lost their homes. Today’s decision does not change that, but brings some…

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  • Cedar Fire Remembrance Event – October 26, 2013

    It seems so different now… But 10 years ago in late October we:   -were wondering where we were going to live -hoping to find something important in the ashes of our homes -asking our insurance companies (if any) for advice -taking lots of pictures -relying on our friends and family -finding new friends and family -coughing/choking from the ash in the air -searching through piles of clothes for something to wear -searching through piles of papers to figure out what to do -standing in long lines -learning just how wonderful people can be -smelling the smoke and ashes of…

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