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    CHIRP Garden Club Meeting: Insects & Reptiles In Our Gardens – November 5, 2014

        Please JOIN US  for the upcoming meeting of CHIRP Garden Club Wednesday, November 5 2014, 6:30 pm at the ALPINE COMMUNITY CENTER Program: “Insects & Reptiles In Our Gardens” Presenter: Sue Miller, Kruisin’ Kritters Kruisin’ Kritters founder, Sue Miller, has been involved with the rescue and rehabilitation of native and exotic reptiles, insects, and arachnids for over 40 years. She will bring many of these creatures with her to the CHIRP Garden Club meeting, in her ongoing mission of teaching respect and understanding for the living creatures with which we share the earth. LEarn more about Kruisin kritters…

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  • Alerts & Emergency

    A Warning About Scorpions – Alpine Woman Has Severe Reaction to a Bite 9-26-14

    I live up on Alpine Trail Road and walked outside my back door last night and was bite/stung on the top of my foot by a Scorpion, I was wearing flip flops but it got me on top off my big toe.I never saw it until I felt what was like a hammer slamming down on my foot, as it ran away.  My husband did locate it and killed it. I had a severe allergic reaction and my husband had to call 911. My big toe swelled immediately and my throat started to tighten up. Had difficult swallowing and started…

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