Dream Rider Equestrian Therapy

543 Anderson Rd
Therapeutic riding for special needs children ages 5-15 weighing under 125lbs and able to walk. The center is a PATH international member and insured. Volunteers assist children and are trained to keep special needs children safe on a very gentle pony.

Sessions cost $210.00 and consist of six weeks, one lesson a week to be completed within those six weeks. Parents do not participate in the lesson. A trained therapeutic advanced instructor plans the lessons according to learning goals designed for each individual child. One child at a time rides with one on one attention in a quiet setting with few distractions. Forms must be completed for insurance and planning the therapy. They are downloadable from the website: www.dreamriderequestriantherapy.com Trained adult volunteers assist in the lessons. Volunteers commit to the six week sessions for one child to maintain consistency and build confidence. Lessons are done to music of the child's choosing. Homework is given all pertaining to the subject of horses to encourage reading, art expression and communication. Children will learn grooming, safety, equipment and communication with the horse. Lesson are planned to develop attention by performing a series of tasks on the horse in sequence. The children feed carrots to the pony on a plate (no hand feeding) after each lesson. Children must have their own approved horseback riding helmet and paddock boots with smooth leather soles and a low heel. Loose fitting long pants are required to protect the legs from saddle sores but allow for freedom of movement for mounting and dismounting. These items can be purchased at San Diego Saddlery on Main St in El Cajon. Pets are not allowed and visitor or grandparents only by prearranged appointment and after signing a waiver of liability. Volunteer activities include paddock cleaning before the lesson, arena set up, tacking and grooming before the lesson, learning English and Western tack and safety, how to lead and side walk with a physically or mentally challenged rider on the horse. Photos are taken only if a photo release has been submitted by all the parties present at the lesson. Casual spectators are not allowed. The objective of the therapy is to help the child focus and communicate with the horse to be empowered in his or her ability to control a pony by learning to plan movement and control him or her self.


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