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What you’ll do…
You’ll be an integral part of showcasing our passion and pride and delivering on the H&R Block brand purpose—to provide help and inspire confidence in our clients and communities everywhere.
Joining us as a seasonal Receptionist means you’ll relentlessly focus on how to wow clients now, and in the future. You’ll need the ability to work a flexible schedule in multiple, fast-paced locations
during the tax season from January to April.

If the typical year-round 9–5 isn’t for you, this seasonal position provides the freedom, flexibility, and extra earnings you’ll need to embrace what makes your life uniquely yours. After successfully
working this tax season, you may find that you want to apply to return for subsequent seasons, or even apply for advancement.
Day to day, you’ll…
• Greet clients in a personalized, friendly, and inviting manner
• Match clients with the best-suited tax professional for their needs
• Schedule clients how they would like to be scheduled
• Handle client exits by ensuring all current and future needs are met
• Maintain office cleanliness and organization of resources with team members
• Other duties as assigned

What you will bring to the team…
• High school diploma or equivalent
• Experience working in a fast-paced environment
• Previous experience in a customer service environment
It would be even better if you also had…
• Sales and/or marketing experience
• Ability to multi-task
• Strong organizational and time-management skills
• Knowledge of cash register operations
• Knowledge and experience with a Windows based computer system
Bilingual candidates strongly encouraged to apply!

Please send resume and cover letter to

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  1. Be Careful bringing in and buying outside oak firewood. The oak borer beetle is a real threat to San Diego’s oak trees, especially in Alpine. Our current drought makes our trees more susceptible . Know your source. Burn pine instead.

  2. Please remember that moving oak can also spread devastating pests, like the Gold Spotted Oak Borer. Keep oak local!

  3. Wow. Sounds like someone hates kids? You probably should never go out anywhere except fast food restaurants Lynn. Oh wait there’s kids there too. Better lock yourself in your house!

  4. Actually Alpine Brewery has always been very kind to my girls! I love that place and Val and Pat are wonderful people!

  5. So Lynn, I’m assuming your kids never eat out…cause everywhere serves beer and wine! Duh! It’s not like we took our 2 year old to Cheetah’s!

  6. Children shouldn’t be in a facility that serves BEER especially when its in the name of the business.

  7. Must dislike children too (in order to fit in with the rest of the restaurant staff).

  8. Must dislike children too (in order to fit in with the rest of the restaurant staff).

  9. Carol Stanko!!! This would be awesome for you mom! Right here in Alpine!

  10. I owned a retro diner in AZ a few years back. Comfort food old fashioned priced right food would be a hit.

  11. Contact Alpine Community Church they have a free medical supply program that would loan you the wheelchair for as long as you need it. Not sure if they have the oxygen though. 619-445-2110 M-F 9 am to noon.

  12. Thats so funny! I randomly looked on craigslist today, which I never do, and saw this!

  13. Joni, Pegi, Donna, this is for you, considering your love of horses!

  14. Not to mention when you buy from a reputable breeder or adopt from a reputable rescue they require the dogs to be vaccinated dewormed micro chipped etc to insure that you are getting a healthy pup. Rottweilers are prone to parvo so it is imperative that these pups receive vaccines before they are put at risk by people coming to visit them or being taken out in the public. Parvo can be tracked in by even your shoes. So before you get a pup make sure their health records are in order. On behalf of San Diego Rottweiler Rescue I would like to offer assistance in getting the female spayed as our vet will do a low cost spay to stop the pet over population.

  15. A backyard breeder is someone who breeds their own two dogs together without any regard for the breed. They don’t do health testing on the parents and sell the puppies for cheap because they don’t have much invested. These are the Rottweilers that end up with hip dysplasia and other health problems. I am just trying to save a family heartache. These are also the dogs that end up in shelters because the person who bred them won’t take them back if the owner is no longer able to keep them. A reputable breeder takes ANY dog they have bred back under any circumstance.

  16. What if their dog had puppies?!!! Why jump to “backyard breeder”? Or did I miss something that says that?! Maybe these people don’t want to take their puppies to a shelter!

  17. Angela Doss-Palmer is a reputable rescue in Alpine for Rottweilers (and other breeds).

  18. Buyer Beware– you don’t get a quality Rottweiler for $400 from an ad like this. A reputable breeder spends thousands on health clearances for the parents, does pedigree research to know which lines work best together, and gives a written guarantee for hips and elbows for the puppy. A hip surgery is $1200 – $2500 so just my two cents do your research and don’t buy from a backyard breeder. I have been showing and breeding quality Rottweilers since 1995 and it makes me sad to see ads like this. If you are looking for a pet please go to a rescue group rather than support backyard breeders who are not in this for the love of the breed it’s all about a quick buck….

  19. I totally wanted to go now I just woke up again and I’m feeling too lazy

  20. Ms Jerrie!!!! My daughter Tianna (now in 2nd grade) had Ms. Jerrie as a pre-school teacher and STILL talks about her. The kids just love her!!! Tianna still says “Mommy, remember how Ms. Jerrie always would say I was 4 going on 18?” I sure hope someone can help you out.

  21. This was the original office, before we moved into what is now Finders Keepers. I go WAY back 😉

  22. Oh, that’s so cute! Thanks for thinking of us Emily, but Alpine is just too far right now. Maybe I can get a job out there someday 🙂

  23. thats someone’s house payment an then some this rental is off the hook……Not only the high rent add to that….the real cost to live in this home would be around 350 a month electricity plus……pool cleaning service. Why do rentals cost so much in Alpine for old houses makes know sense to me…

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