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Alpine Jack in the Box Update

Jack in the Box Franchisee has Signed Lease at Fred's Location

I attended the Alpine Design Review Board meeting tonight. Here is a summary of what I heard.
The lease is signed. There is a Jack in The Box moving into the Fred’s location. The lease will be taken over by a franchisee. It will not be a Jack in The Box corporate owned location.
The building will NOT look like other traditional Jack locations. They are NOT going to have signs that are visible from the 8 freeway. Their signs will actually be smaller than the existing Fred’s signs, and will be on 3 sides of the building. There will be no flags.
The building will match the existing structures as far as color and roofing.
They are also going to make landscape improvements and drive through improvements.
The building will expanded to the west by 320 square feet, and will seat 36.
They do not expect to have approved plans enabling them to start construction any sooner than a year from now.  The Jack in the Box franchisee has leased the building, he did not purchase it.

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  1. Well thats a bummer. Why does the Alpine planning group keep letting fast food places into our small town. Beautiful, quaint, peaceful Alpine is turning into little El Cajon. I am sad.

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