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New Update on the Progress of Fred’s Burgers Remodel – May 26, 2021

Here is an update on the progress of Fred’s Old Fashioned Burgers in Alpine:

Since I wrote the last article in March about the plans to renovate Fred’s, many things have taken place. This project has been a real challenge from the get go. So many things and items were neglected for so long that most could not be brought up to par. In most cases I had to tear out and rebuild or replace items completely. The building has been entirely rejuvenated from the roof to the main floor and everything in between.

Covid affected our equipment orders from suppliers around the country. Shippers were weeks/months behind on deliveries. It took 3 months to get a new grill and chef refrigerator. Building materials shortages hindered us some, especially wood products.

The biggest problem that I have now is getting qualified help. No one seems to want to work. I have been advertising for employess for over a month and have only gotten 5 applications. If you know anyone that may be interested, I need 3 short order cooks and 3 counter people. Fred’s is a fun place to work, easy going, easy-to-learn menu, and the hours are good. We pay above minimum wage plus bonus program for experienced people.

To our customers and especially our long-time regulars, we appreciate you and thank you for supporting us. To those reading this that have yet to come to Fred’s, we look forward to seeing you very soon! We are shooting for an opening date mid-June.

Be Safe, Be Blessed!

Bo Lemler (619) 719-6616


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