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Cilantro’s Mexican Food NOW OPEN at Viejas Outlets

May 2021 – Cilantro’s Mexican Food is  now open at Viejas Outlets! Whether you are hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Cilantro’s Mexican Food will satisfy any craving––opens daily at 8am 😋 !  Viejas Outlets is located at 5005 Willows Rd. Alpine Ca 91901. For more info please call 619-659-2070 or visit our website at www.Viejas.com

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  1. I always come to this taco shop to get potato rolled tacos with guacamole when visit the casino, but after the first time of having the pleasure of enjoying the delicious tacos they have never had them since and I don’t know how a taco shop
    Can run out of potatoes every week
    So don’t go looking for Mexican food there

  2. Great taco shop however they always say they’re out of potato rolled tacos which makes no sense because it is their job to cook more. Me and my family love this place but again having no potato rolled tacos when we come at times is unacceptable.

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