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Registration Opening March 1, 2021 for All Zones Free Palm, Arundo/Bamboo Recycling By GAFSC

Registration Opening for All Zones Free Palm, Arundo/Bamboo Recycling By GAFSC

Dry palm fronds, arundo, and bamboo are a fire hazard anywhere especially when within 5′ of a structure. You can correct these problems by using our Free Recycling Program.  We will haul your fronds, frond butt ends, bloom/seed pods (no trunks), arundo, and bamboo twice per year in all our zones.

We are able to do this thanks to Pioneer Landscape’s dedication and equipment as well as funds from the Sunrise Powerlink Fire Mitigation Grants Program.

The next Free Palm Recycling event will take place during the week starting 3/22 with on-line registration opening for all Zones in the am 3/01/21.  The deadline to register is 3/19 at midnight.

More information, including  our schedule, registration process, and rules, is available on our website home page at:

General Event Rules for 2021


Each event is spread over a number of days

The TOTAL VOLUME [Length x Width at Base x Height] of piles must be less than 4000 cu ft.  

Note:  All materials must originate from the areas within 100 ft of your home and within 20 ft of your driveway and roadside or from your neighbor’s defensible space that overlaps onto your property.

Defined Rules – palm frond, arundo, and bamboo specific (red)

  • You must be the owner of the property in one of the Zones outlined on our zone map.
  • You may pay someone to create your defensible space, but you personally must register with GAFSC on our website.
  • Your piles must be fully staged by the Sunday evening (and for safety no earlier than 15 days) before the event to allow our crew to start our documenting process the following morning.
  • Stack materials no more than 4 ft high with the cut ends facing the roadside or accessible private driveway. In order to fit the trailer, limit material lengths to 15ftPalm trunks, dumped or old compressed, tangled piles or any staged for burning will not be eligible.
  • All piles must be within 5 ft of access point for the equipment. Note severe side slopes or down slopes are not acceptable. Please combine all materials at a readily accessible location on or near paved or well maintained on-property roads. Note, since our contractor’s equipment exceeds 37′ in length, piles staged where excessive maneuvering is needed will not be picked up.
  • Note: please do not include any other materials in your piles! NO, mud, rocks, construction debris or trash; NO bagged or bundled material, loose bark, leaf litter, succulent, poisonous material; NO stumps or any other root materials.
  • You do not have to be home for this curbside service.
  • Our Contractor follows Project Activity Levels set daily for San Diego County and will only work when deemed safe to use mechanical equipment.

Thanks for your interest in keeping our community safer from wildfire and watch for rattlesnakes!

Dennis Larsen
Volunteer/Chipping Mgr

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