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PROPOSED EAST WEST ROAD IN ALPINE – Have YOUR VOICE Heard at Zoom Meeting – January 28, 2021


To learn more and to have your voice heard, join us January 28, 2021 at 6 pm on Zoom

A proposed road running through your property or effecting your property value will be discussed this evening. This road will cause traffic on Tavern Road, Eltinge, Oak Haven, Marshall Road, and South Grade Road.  It will destroy open land and is actually an avenue for developers to build thousands of homes. This road will require private property condemnation and will cost untold millions of dollars to build. Please send an email regarding this road to or by regular mail to 5510 Overland Avenue, Suite 310 San Diego, CA 92123. Call or email District 2 Representative Joel Anderson, County Supervisor 619-531-5522 or

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  1. Will the houses be affordable- the average San diego family with combined income of 90k-100k annually has been priced out of alpine current real estate prices –

  2. Why are we not given notice of these planning meetings in advance? The Alpine planning group wants to push these developments and improvements through without resident input. Not the first time this has happened. We live here to get away from development.

  3. I wish the satellite view showed the entire length of the road to Eltinge Dr. The outlet would be 40 feet from the Eltinge Place outlet. The topography is very steep. I wonder if anyone has physically looked at their own proposal. It’s not just a line on a map. At rhe ACPG Meeting last night thet said it is proposed but will never be built. What the heck is that?? Take it off the map.

    NO IT IS NOT NIMBY…it’s useless and will only cause problems we don’t have now.

    Gay de Gero

  4. Where does the road go? Post a map or a link. We want a HS in Alpine, which means we need more residents with children, but we don’t want any development? Is this anti-road sentiment just NIMBYism?

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