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Local Alpine Business Spotlight: QUEST ACADEMY TUTORING

Merrily Medina has owned and run Quest Academy in Alpine for over 11 years. Originally a teacher in AUSD, she brings her experience and relationships with district teachers to the table to create a personalized tutoring program for students of all ages. The staff at Quest includes tutors with specialized subject backgrounds, masters in education, and experience with special education students. Students can expect collaboration between their current classroom teacher, tutoring staff, and parents to create a unified approach to their education. Sessions are either forty minutes or an hour, and held in cozy bungalows next to Janet’s cafe.

Tutoring in a center, rather than in a student’s home provides an area with minimal distractions and curriculum availability. Students and their tutor are given their own private room, and staff members are diligent in sanitizing between students.In addition to private tutoring, students can enroll in academic coaching. Working hand-in-hand with Merrily, students refine their learning style, improve organizational skills, shift their motivation intrinsically, and are accountable for their grades to someone other than Mom or Dad. The goal of this highly successful program is not only academic success, but also independence and self-awareness.

This year, Merrily has added a component that serves parents in the community as well. As a certified life coach, she now offers parent coaching. Parents are supported in their endeavors to raise independent children ready to “adult,” while maintaining their own goals, desires, and sense of self. More on this specialized program can be found at

Other services include SAT/ACT test prep and essay editing.

Merrily Medina
Owner, Quest Academy
Credentialed Teacher, Certified Academic/Parenting Coach
2526 Alpine Boulevard
Alpine, CA 91901

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