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The Alpine Union School District Prepares for the Upcoming School Year with Different Learning Options

June 2020 – The Alpine Union School District is helping students continue to receive the best education through the end of the year and going into the next school year as well. The district is taking steps to carefully create successful learning plans for the upcoming school year that will accommodate students, families, and teacher’s needs. With the future uncertain, Alpine Union is creating different options for students to pursue their education that will help everyone be productive and safe.

The options for students in the Alpine Union School District for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year include returning to school, distance learning, a hybrid option, and a homeschool option. The goal of providing multiple ways for students to learn is to allow families to make the decision that will work best for them, without having to sacrifice their kid’s educational needs. With the distance learning option, the district is working to improve the currently installed
program to be able to continue offering great lessons and engaging activities next year. Students can choose this option and continue to engage with their teachers and groups of students while at home.

A homeschool option would allow all learning to be done at home on the student’s own time through online assignments. For some students, this option may be easier or more viable. A hybrid option would consist of a mix between distance learning and homeschooling, allowing families and students to benefit from both methods and have the best solution for their individual situations. Dr. Richard Newman, the school superintendent, described how the district is also, “looking at
options such as a modified schedule so students will have some time in school learning, as well as some before or after school focused time so parents can go back to work. If we have to limit the number of students and continue with some amount of social distancing, it’s important to really support our community as a whole”.

The Alpine Union School District is taking all of the necessary steps to make sure when students do return to the classroom or any school campus, that the school will be well equipped to manage safety. Some of these safety measures include thermal thermometers, plexiglass dividers for front offices, and lots of hand sanitizer.

To learn more about the options for next year and the steps being taken in the Alpine Union School District, visit the district website!

About Alpine Union School District
Alpine Union School District is nestled in the Cuyamaca Mountains of east county San Diego and serves approximately 1,750 students in grades K-8. AUSD offers a range of programs including dual spanish immersion, performing arts, homeschool, hybrid learning, robotics, and much more. We pride ourselves on having a “hometown” feel where students and families come first! Alpine Union School District has a rich history, is eager to build upon its traditions, has a strong track record of putting student excellence first. Community participation is a key ingredient which makes Alpine so unique and special.

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