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Meals on Wheels Organization is in Desperate Need of Volunteers to Deliver to Elderly Clients

Call out to all teachers. Meals on Wheels organization is in desperate need of volunteers. They now have a waiting list and do not have enough volunteers to deliver to elderly clients who need the service. Teachers already have the clearances needed required for Meals On Wheels. Delivering meals requires no physical contact with our clients. 99%? just open their door and take the meal without us even entering their home. Routes typically take about an hour, picking up the coolers, put them in your car, deliver meals, & drop off coolers when finished. It is very rewarding and a critical help for individuals in our community. You decide how often you can volunteer; once a month, once a week, whatever you can spare will help greatly.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me. Heidi Cascio at If you are able to volunteer, please go to our website to fill out the volunteer form

Let’s  pull together and help everyone come out stronger on the other side.



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