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Local Business Spotlight: CAMERON BUCHER LLP – Real Estate and Business Law Attorney

January 28, 2020

I am a practicing real estate and business law attorney. I work and reside in Alpine with my wife, Annette and daughter, Hadley. Annette lived in Alpine when we met in 2009. She and I moved a few times since then including to the Imperial Valley and later Mission Valley, but have come full-circle and are now back in Alpine. We’ve lived in Alpine the past few years and love to call this place home. We just broke ground on our home and look forward to putting down permanent roots here.

Cameron Bucher

My practice focuses mostly on real estate and business law matters. I represent a number of land owners and developers engaged in various land use and development-related matters. I assist clients looking to acquire and develop real estate, including due diligence review, purchase and sale agreement preparation and review, land title/title insurance issues as well as land-use and environmental compliance matters. My practice also includes representation of business owners and clients seeking to form and operate new business ventures. I assist clients with business formation issues, corporate governance and general business matters.

I am also a licensed real estate broker and general building contractor (B License), so my practice also includes general real estate transaction issues as well as matters concerning home improvement contracts and other contracting issues. I have represented home buyers and sellers with their purchase and sale issues, including residential, commercial and industrial properties. I have also provided assistance to property owners and contractors in resolving disputes concerning improvements and other legal issues in the contracting relationship.

My partner, Kim Cameron, is located in Los Angeles. The focus of her practice is general business and governance, individual estate planning as well as landlord and tenant eviction matters.

Kim Cameron
Kim Cameron

We focus on providing a client-centric experience in our representation. In my view, too many firms are focused on bringing in clients but don’t always succeed at meeting the needs of the client. They’re too busy for a lot of the clients they have, so when the client calls, it is anyone’s guess whether they get the attorney on the line or when they may hear back. When you call my office, you get me. I want my clients to know they’re going to reach me and that I’m going to give them the time and attention they seek.

We also focus on maintaining low overhead and attorney-driven contacts. This allows our firm to maintain competitive fee structures that ultimately keep client costs down. While not all clients need continuing representation, we find that when fees are reasonable clients will continue to engage.

I am a frequent guest speaker at realtor associations and other organizations where I’ve lectured on subjects concerning real estate and real estate matters. I am available for other speaking engagements to groups or other organizations on real estate or other general business matters.

Bucher & Cameron, LLP, 8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 800, San Diego, CA. 92108.
For more info please call 619-215-5037 or email Visit our website at



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