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Would You Know How to Respond if Your Child Drowned? Host a CPR Class in Your Home

August 2018 – Now that summer is here and people are using their pools I want to encourage pool owners to learn CPR. On the news almost everyday I see where kids have drown or near drownings. Saved only by someone who knew how to perform CPR. Recently Olympic Ski Racer Bode Miller’s daughter drowned land his family is devastated.

Would you know how to respond if your child drowned?

From Memorial Day through Labor Day 2017, at least 163 children younger than 15 fatally drowned in swimming pools or spas, according to media reports compiled by the USA Swimming Foundation. Of the 163 reports, 112 of the victims were younger than five years old.

Each of these deaths is a tragedy, which serves as a sobering reminder of how dangerous water can be for young children. If you own a pool and do not know how to perform CPR then you may want to think about hosting a CPR Pool Safety Party at your home with family, friends and neighbors.

The CPR Class is free for the host. Carlette Anderson, Alpine resident and founder of Save-A-Heart, has been teaching CPR for almost 40 years. Her CPR class is about an hour and she includes pool safety.

She says, “Children as young as ten years old can learn CPR and basic pool safety. If you have never learned how to perform CPR or you want to re-certify then please call Save-A-Heart today 619-445-4569.

You can also get certified in CPR online




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