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SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Door to Door Cleaning Products Sales 3-21-18



SUSPICIOUS_ACTIVITY: 3-21-18 Alpine Ca. Yesterday I had two black gals come to the door selling cleaning products. They were funny and bubbly and cracked a lot of jokes and told me how they were working hard to make a better way for their life. I bought, with cash, one bottle of product.  Later, talking to my friend, she had a black man and woman show up at her house. And another friend of mine said she had two gals show up. We all live in Alpine but in different neighborhoods. Today, I found out that two of the men were stopped and found to have criminal backgrounds. I am not completely clear on how that information was obtained. Apparently, this group of people are from Oklahoma and they hit Alpine pretty hard.  Their intent is to case out our homes, watch when we leave, and then break in.  They grab what they can and keep moving so they cannot be caught.  I know this isn’t the first time we’ve had this kind of scam run in our town but we need to be extra vigilant.


DATE_STAMP: 21/03/2018

TIME_STAMP: 2:00 p.m.

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  1. The times we’re living in require us to exercise caution. Before stating that the seller’s motive was to case people’s homes,though,I would make sure that was a fact and not an assumption. When I was a kid I tagged along with my mom when she sold Watkins products door to door. My mom was living on a shoestring.There were times when my dad left us without any money. She had a disability that kept her from working in her profession, which was nursing and she was hard pressed to find a way to feed us and otherwise provide for necessities. I sold Avon for awhile. Neither my mom or myself had ill intentions. These days, I don’t open my door to those I don’t know but I am supportive of those making efforts to honestly earn a few dollars.

  2. On Wednesday 2 black men came into my shop trying to sell me cleaning products as well. They were very persistent in trying to sell me these cleaning products. Luckily I had customers in my store, which made for a good excuse not to show any interest in their product. The man with the dreds was extremely persistent, I had to tell him about 4 times I wasn’t interested and I needed to help my customers, then I had to tell him again for the 5th time. I wasn’t as nice the 5th time, and he got the point and left.

  3. Where is the evidence that these people broke into anyone home? If you have it please post but post sounds a bit prejudiced to me. Many people have criminal backgrounds pay their debt to society and move forward being good hard working people.

  4. First you should not buy anything from a door to door sales person. 2nd get as much information as you can and call the Sheriff’s with your concerns.

  5. A man with the same description came into my business at closing Wednesday with the same spiel. He had sunglasses on, was wearing a backpack and baggy pants and had short dreaded hair. He attempted to go to the physical therapy business across the street before coming into my shop.

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