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SCAM ALERT! Scammers Who Try to Gain Access to Your Computer

My Computer Doc of San Diego Warns of Ways Scammers Try to Gain Access to Your Computer!

There are a many ways a scammer will try and influence you to allow them to gain access to your computers.  These are just two of the ways they will try:


  1. You may be working on your computer and then all the sudden you get a popup saying you are infected and if you close the window all of your files will be deleted.  This is a hoax and do not fall for it.  Do not call the number it says to call because they will login to your computer and tell you are infected and have been hacked.  This is not true and they pray on people that are not tech savvy.


  1. Here is what you should do.  If you get the popup, then just turn off your computer by pushing and holding in on your power button until the computer shuts off.  Then call me and I will give you directions to turn it back on and I will login and make sure everything is ok.


  1. You may get a phone call out of the blue from another tech company saying they are getting reports of your computer sending out viruses.  They may even say they are associated with Microsoft.  They will try and convince you to allow them to gain access to your computers remotely.  Once they have access to your computer, they will show you the event log in the admin control panel.  They will say these logs are actual viruses but don’t click on them.  Windows logs just about everything you do in these logs.  The logs are not viruses and are valid entries.  Then they will say whatever antivirus you have installed is not protecting you and recommend you pay them as much as $300 plus for their remote support.  If you do this, they will more than likely cause lots of problems.  They will uninstall valid software and in some cases, reformat your hard drive and you may have all your files, pictures etc. deleted.


  1. Here is what you should do.  Hang up and do nothing.


Thank you again and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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