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SCAM ALERT! Fake SDG&E Bill Past Due Phone Call


Attention Alpine Business Owners!!! 3-16-17

I just got a call at my business from an “Out of area” number. The woman on the other end of the line asked to speak to the owner and then told me that I was 2 months past due on my SDGE bill and that they would be here in 45 mins to shut off the electricity. She tried to give me a number to “Collections”, but I had heard of this scam before, and I share a meter with another business who has the service in their name, so I told her she was full of it. The woman said “F you too B” and hung up on me… obviously NOT SDGE.

Just wanted to warn everyone about this scam. If they called me I assume they are going thru the business in the area. DO NOT send anybody money who claims they are with SDGE. If you are worried about your bill being past due HANG UP and call SDGE directly!!!

NAME: Becky Wyrick
TELEPHONE: 619-722-1707

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