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Alpine Library Friends Association (ALFA) Bookstore News for the Week of February 24-28, 2016

Alpine Library Friends Association Book Store ALFAAlpine Library Friends Association (ALFA) Bookstore News for the Week of February 24-28, 2016

Paperbacks 50cents / Hardbacks $1

Limited book donations. Starting March 1 only small donations will be accepted. Starting April 1 no new donations will be accepted until the book store is in the new location.

SPECIAL SALE SHELVES. From March 1 until the move, special shelves of both non-fiction and fiction books will feature hardback books for 50cents, paperback books for 25cents and kid’s books for 10cents.

Books of Interest: Did you know President Jimmy Carter wrote a book on the American Revolutionary War? It’s on our special sale shelf for only 50cents. “Islamic Imperialism, A History” explores the history of Islam and its move around the world. “A Paris Apartment” by Michelle Gable who also wrote “A Paris Wife” is a novel that weaves mystery and romance both present and past. When April Vogts boss tells her about a crumpled, decrepit apartment, she only hears the word Paris and off she goes to Paris and some unexpected events.

Visit the ALFA Book Store t 2445 Alpine Blvd. for these and many other outstanding books. The Store is open Wednesday thru Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Books_ArtFor more info please contact
Bonnie Techemeyer

619 445-3688


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