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COMMUNITY ALERT! Phone Scam From Area Code 844


8-7-14: I Want to report phone scam I just received!  They called saying I have tax crime/fraud and I need to contact them… It is a total scam as I have no problems with the IRS and pay/file timely. They did not get any information from me and frankly I laughed at them.

The phone number is 844-858-6966 if you get a call from them DO NOT give them any information as they only have your name address and phone number. I have contacted the Treasury inspector and the Federal Trade Comm. to report the call. If this happens to you please do the same. The group is from INDIA.


Update to this post (2-10-15)

For whatever reason, I have become a target for these vicious people.  The numbers they are using include area codes (844), (571), (202) and they are now playing a recorded message with no real person attached to the call. They are scammers! Please just ignore these calls and go about your lives.  When I confronted them, the man told me straight away he wanted my money, laughed then hung up on me!


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  1. Would you consider closing comments on this post so they don’t constantly show up in the Recent Comments feed? It’s been over 6 months now, and the postings really don’t add anything new…

  2. Someone called my mother’s home phone number yesterday from 657-549-5286 looking for my boyfriend, who has never lived there and for him to call that number with a case number. I called the number with the case number and they answered “Legal Services” and told me they were going to serve his brother with papers. I said his brother doesn’t even live in this state. Then today they called ME and suddenly had subpoena for me and told me I had to be home at 1pm to be served and accept papers on his behalf and if i wasn’t there then I was in contempt of court. They wouldn’t answer any questions for what it was about. They gave me a number of the “Lawyer in the case” named Emerson Parker in maricopa AZ. I googled such lawyer, he doesn’t exist. I put a 90 day alert on my credit and notified the local police and local branch of the FBI. I may call the number back and let them know they’ve been reported to the FBI and they better not step foot on my property as I hold a legal concealed carry permit.

  3. My mother in-law received a call which they were looking for me. I dont know the conversation except they provided some case# and told my mother in-law they had the right to call her and that I gave permission; which is a lie and illegal. If they are legit, they better send me out a letter. If this is some legal issue due to a debt theny they should have my info, they should have my mailing address.

    When you call this phone# after hours, you get a recording stating and apparently its their legal department. They tried this multiple times, always seeking out relative, never contacting me directly.

    My husband told my mother in-law that it is either a scam or telemarketer up to some old tricks.

  4. I just received a call from 844-856-5699. It was a recording and the male voice sounded a bit muffled. I don’t think they mentioned a company name, but said it was a notice that two officers will show up at my door to serve me with a court summons within 48 hours. The recording then said that I should call back the number to find out who’s filing against me. I called back the number but got a recoding that said no one was available. I don’t have any legal issues and the recording sounded suspicious so I figured it was a scam. I hopped on the internet and found this blog. These posts are very helpful. I will report the calk to the authorities.

  5. just got a call from unknown asking me to call 844-399-9881 so they can serve me papers at my work or place of residence. Yeah, I will get right on that

  6. I received a message on the answering machine from 804-809-8786 on caller ID from Virginia. They said it was in regards to check fraud against my son ( and said his name) and then said I was listed on the case file (but didn’t say my name) and gave a return number of 844-809-8786 and said to give the case file number when I called back by the end of the day. I called back and left my name and number and case file number. But obviously it was a scam and they never called me back. I later asked my son about it and he said it was a scam.

  7. Has anyone received a call from 844-423-4448?? Received a call today and a voice mail with what sounded like an electronic generated voice asking for my son by name. The number showed up as 844-423-4448. Did not call it back. Has anyone received a call from this number????

  8. I received a phone call from 844-255-4936 x314. He stated his name is Michael Wolff and he is following up on a broken promise to pay a settlement. The previous person I spoke with did not have my permission to use my credit card, the fraud security division at my bank called with several charges being made to my credit all on the same day and the settlement amount was one of them. He is claiming to get ready to serve me at home or at my job, which would be a little difficult as I am disabled and do not work!! The debt they are claiming is no where on my credit report as I pulled my credit report over the weekend!! These people have got to be scam artists! I have since turned them over to the State Attorney General for him to deal with them!!!

  9. February 17th call from: +1 (503) 457-1197
    February 19th call from: +1 (844) 498-6545
    February 19th ( ten minutes later ) call from : +1 (702) 445-7777

    Voicemails from the same woman claiming if I don’t call her back immediately I will be put into collections and I’m facing illegal charges.

    All numbers have been blocked and reported. I’m sure she’s not done calling and I will post and report any new numbers coming in.
    Do NOT call these people back!!

  10. I received an automated call at 8:01 this morning from 804-809-8786 (which is in Virginia) but telling me to call 844-809-8786, which is in Cali. Glad I Googled it! They basically said what everyone else is saying, that “I had until the end of the day to call them back” And they gave me a case # and it was for some fraudulent charges. Then they called back again at 8:02, exact same message. Telling me that I needed two forms of ID. Yeah right lol. I havent tried calling back yet, but I just might to have some fun 🙂

  11. I have been getting calls from 844-370-0311 for the late 2 years at least, at keast 4 times a day and they start at 8:30 am. I don’t pick up unfamiliar calls not in my area, because of telemarketers and scam artists. In wish I know who these people were, they don’t leave messages and I can[t find their location anywhere.

  12. I got a call from 844 245 8872 telling me to call them back and ask for SUSAN CONROY. SINCE I WAS UNCOOPERATIVE LAST TIME THEY
    CALLED (they had never called) they just decided that very morning to forward paperwork to my county. They said they had a warrant for my arrest for defrauding an innkeeper and perpetrating fraud. I got yelled at a lot when I laughed at them. They said forget it we sent the paperwork to have you arrested. Then after several flunkies the main old lady got on the phone and said “you are gonna be so sorry when you find out who you are talking to.” I asked for their address….they said they were reporting me to their local police for harassment, said they recorded my calls. I asked who their local police were and what their address was so I could send the police to their office to listen to the recordings – they hung up on me…..several times!

  13. 02/05/15 @ 2:59 pm
    Received a call from 844-334-9683
    Don’t usually answer calls I don’t have stored but thought it may be business related…….Once I answered I knew RIGHT AWAY IT WAS A SCAMMER
    because of her strange accent and the horrible mispronunciation of my name !
    Hung up right away and blocked the number.
    I just ‘googled’ that area code out of curiosity and came across this post so I thought I would add it to the others JFYI

  14. 844-854-5518 called my house today and left two voice mails. When my husband called them back-spoke to “Paul Walker”- are you kidding me? He was told that a lien was going to be placed on our property, bank accounts, assets, etc. to cover our IRS debt. He called them back to ask where his refund is since we don’t owe them anything. He called them back again to let “Paul Walker” know that he was sleeping with his mother and sister and did he have any other sisters? He said they picked up on the very first ring. As if the IRS would ever do that. Also said that the accent was distinctly Middle Eastern-maybe from India.

  15. I received a phone call from 844-854-5518. I was a recorded message saying they were going to put a lien on our property and assets including our bank account.because we did not settle our IRS debt. We don’t have an IRS debt. When i called back they answered immediately (since when does the IRS do that?). Anyway, they said they wanted to talk to a person who doesn’t live here but whom we know well, saying this was the phone number they were given. When I accused them of fraud,they invited me to hang up.

  16. Hi Elaine – it didnt disappear… It just had not been approved yet. We get a lot of spam comments, so they do not post instantly – they have to be approved first 🙂 You comment is there now 🙂

  17. I just received a call from 804-309-1271 (automated) and said I would be served court papers tomorrow and would probably be arrested for outstanding debt. The number was given for the “company” I “owed” the money to, 844-329-1271. Obviously I didn’t call it. IT IS A SCAM! I know a lot of you know this already, but I had a company continually call me on a debt I didn’t owe and took nearly $2000 out of my bank and had all my personal information, SSN, name, address, bank info, credit/debit card number. I contacted appropriate authorities and they investigated. I also reported to credit agencies and put a fraud alert on it. Additionally, I looked through an old piece of paper when I was moving and found the SAME company had taken out over $1500 from an old account that was closed years ago. That money was very hard to recover, but thankfully Regions were great and did reimburse. I have since found out they are being investigated by the State they reside in. Always use caution and NEVER call the numbers they provide and I would always check your bank for the next week or two to make sure no unauthorized debits have been taken out. Hope this info helps!

  18. Find a bankruptcy attorneys’ phone number and tell them to call them when they call again, I’ll bet they won’t call again.

  19. I keep receiving calls from 844-207-8036. They are trying to collect a debt. I have told them hat I filed Ch 7 Bankruptcy, but they keep on calling!

  20. I got a call from a NO CALLER ID, then had a voicemail from Ashley Ross stating she was calling from the Division of Pre-Trial Processing, wanted to confirm my address so my legal documents could be served to me. I might have some overpaid credit card payments, but nothing crazy enough to be sued over or served. ANY PLACE WOULD SEND YOU PAPERWORK before ever doing this, but she did not state a company name or anything of the sort, and told me I had been notified and hung up. Fuck you lady.. these people call me all the time. HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP!! They generate new numbers daily!

  21. My daughter got a call from 844-415-4974 demanding her bank information claiming that they are a collection agency, and that she has been turned over to them for a loan she had. New Flash she does not have any loans. I called the number and they do not talk to you. They do not identify the company in their message 1st red flag, then it asks you to put in the extension you want. It gives you the option to press 0 for the operator. I did that and red flag #2 because no operator just goes to a mans voicemail and his extension is 109. Sorry I work doing collections and that is not how it is done. DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOUR BANKING INFORMATION, DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION UNTIL YOU CAN VERIFY THE DEBT IS LEGITIMATE. Then speak to your account manager about your options.


  23. 8442758716. They keep calling saying I have a court summons. I checked the county sheriffs officce where they claim its from & they have nothing on record. Police officer told me to be careful it could be a SCAM. I agree!

  24. Received a call from 309-279-5178, left voicemail saying they have a file claim against me, gave file number and said you have been officially notified and said I had a chance to take care of it if I call 844-215-1185 now. I tried calling 309-279-5178 back but of course it says this line don’t take incoming calls. I knew it was a scam, never called the 844-215-1185 and never will. I do not owe any debts.

  25. Similar call from 844.271.8465. Robo Voice claimed to be IRS. They claimed to be putting a lien against my property due to non-payment of taxes. Called and spoke to a ‘Jason’ with a highly accented Pakistani/Indian English speaking voice. I contested due to area code and his accent. He hung up on me indignantly. I followed up with a second call (I had heard call center type conversations in the background) reaching the same person who told me “Don’t call back again!” and hung up the phone.

  26. Just received a call from an UNKNOWN number. Answered it and the caller said looking for a family member and used my name and phone number. Asked the caller for her name and said her name was Sam Kiser and she was calling from Locator Services. Asked for a return number to call back and she gave the number as 8448900993. I then asked for her physical address to turn it over to an attorney for further investigation and she said they do not have a physical address. Asked again for the name of who she was working for and she became rude and asked me if i was deaf or stupid because she said it was Locator Services and I asked again for her office address and she said there was none so I told her to delete my phone number and not to call again and at that point I hung up.

  27. I just had the same problem. I got an call today from 844-310-1442 saying that i am being served for court papers, for being sue from an payday loan company. saying that they will come to my home or place of work to serve these papers. i am glad i typed in the number and pulled up this forum. SCAM.

  28. I received a vm (private number) from a Michael Walker stating he was a legal courier in the county that I live in. First, he has my first and last name backwards, so he kept using the incorrect salutation (Mrs./ Mr). He said he was going to serve me with some papers at my home address (only gave the street name) and the last four digits of my social. He told me I could call the plaintiff @ 844-308-1647. I checked the court records in the tri county area and there are no such papers filed. I know how things work around here. They don’t use legal couriers. Either a deputy or constable will be at your door, unannounced, to serve you.

  29. I received a call from 844-874-8623 from a female, who identified herself as Allyson Parker. She left a message stating that, “Civil Papers” would be delivered to my job or residence and to contact her to confirm a delivery date of 01-19-15. This is no doubt a scam. I am not delinquent on any bills and I will contact the FTC concerning this matter.

  30. Becky
    I recv’d a phone call yesterday on my personal office/work line. The sketchy automated message which was hard to understand I had to play it twice. The message stated to call them to let them know if I have obtained an attorney. The caller id# (844) 760-4348. I did not try and call this number back until this morning. I called from my cell phone and used block #67 and did not say anything waiting for someone to say something. The guy final spoke and said rudely ” you called now own the call”. He did not answer with the company/business name so I just hung up. Then google the area code find this site.

  31. I received a call today from a 203-518-9307 to my cell phone twice today the first time I declined and then they called right back so I answer.. it was an automated system stating there was some papers returned in my name which is my maiden name and the message states to call 844-246-8962. I called the first time I muted my line they answered as ISS and I listened and they hung up I called back and the same lady that just answered before answers again. I say to her I received a call from a 203# telling me to call you about some papers that were returned. I tell her my name she said thank for calling back because we were about to call your references i said and who would be gave me my sister name and my little brothers name then the lady says to me OK l have your file here on my desk and we are a debt collector and this is regarding your citi bank platinum credit card you opened up in October of 2007 which is in the amount of 3425.71.she we can settle it today for by taking $1000 off…I go in to telling her that is incorrect that is not mine its fraudulent. She then tells me its yours its your name your ss# address.. I asked what address they have for this credit card they gave me and old address I lived at 15 yrs ago. Now that’s when I lost my mind on the lady on the phone. She was mad I was cutting her off I told her I want to dispute this card. She then tells me you can’t dispute this its already in judgment and you have to appear in court and you will have to pay the legals fees if you don’t win. I told that lady I will appear where ever I need to for this mess right here. I told her I want something in writing stating what I owe the court date and everything she said we can’t send you any thing I told her I want a supervisor now she says OK let get a supervisor for you I held for a few minutes. So then Eric gets on the phone saying he is from the legal department I said OK and what are you about to tell me.He says yes this is for a card that was opened 2007 and it was paid from 2007-2011 and no payments after that. I told Eric that’s weird this is the first time hearing about this I said I want everything in writing sent to my home.I told him its funny how this has not showed on my credit report..This is were I wanted to jump thru the phone and choke slam him. He said are you sure you are reading the credit report correctly..this is when the F%$! Word was used..I said to him I know how to read a ____credit report.. He said OK I will send everything to the new address we have on file which they have my current address I said I want everything..he said about a month after you should get something about your court date I said no problem I will be there. I hung up with them and called citi bank and spoke to a rep there and gave here my ss# she found no correspondence in their system..I bet Eric @ISS will put my number on their don’t call list after I was done with them today.. SCAMMMMM.

  32. Just got a call from 1-844-605-6171 stating call this number and give them info when I would be home or my place off employment , so they could deliver important document , within 48 hours ,and please have valid I.d available

  33. Was called by 844-897-9168, told me I was facing arrest\loosing my house for owning 1500USD. I started asking questions and they got aggressive. The major tip off was when they told me I could not talk about it with anyone else, I told them I had to tell my commanding officer and they said I could not. After telling them that the Marines is part of the government also and they still did not understand I used a “we got disconnected” to hang up and Googled them.

    I also contacted the FTC telling them the same.

  34. My Mother in Law got a call today and calle us freaking out. A lady called and asked for my husband and said she needed to speak to him or his lawyer immediately or he would be arrested. We called seeingwe have done nothing wrong and they said you have reached Bayview if you know your extention blah blah blah. Entered the extention no answer. Gonna call and give them a piece of my mind. Googled the number and came across this. The number was 8442210466. Be aware!!

  35. My dad got a call from someone looking for me at their house-they live in a different state and I have never lived at that address! Said there is a judgement against me and I need to call back 844-815-6517. Glad I googled it. What a scam.

  36. 844-999-8898…Fake ass collection agency!! They are threatening to have you locked up if you don’t make arrangements right then and there. They are very rude, and very unprofessional. I hung up on them!! They are not a legitimate company, and if they are, they won’t get a payment out of me with the way they treat people!!

  37. Yup same has been happening to me but I wouldn’t verify my identity to them now today all 000-000-0000 came up on cell caller I’d and a automated call said a Karen Bentley had legal papers to serve me GLAD I googled the name a found this page

  38. just got a call from these people…tip off was that he called my son looking for me, left me a message and said it was concerning SS# ending in 166 which is not mine. Do not give any info!!!! Scam!!

  39. add to the list the number 844-222-5358 which was the number left by
    someone who called twice to my home phones over new years day 2015
    and which my daughter noted that the number was the same as the
    one which was left on a message call to her Cell phone! and which finally
    she answered and told the caller that she had no knowledge of the person
    they said they were looking for — a first & last name also not familiar to my
    wife or myself, but the messages were left for my wife and myself by our
    first names. So these yahoos manage to skim the Inet for some data on
    folks, and the pattern seems to be to pretend to be either “investigators”
    or actual law enforcement or gov’t agents, and probe for MORE INFO,
    or threaten / intimidate. I guess there are enough people who DO
    have actual problems / situations and fearfully respond, to make it lucrative.

    If one of their calls gets past the recorder to me, I am going to suggest
    that they call my friend who works Identity/Financial crimes for one of
    the Houston area police departments, and give them THAT number to
    call, and see how that goes over !

    I will file a complaint with the FTC, same as last year, and strongly
    encourage others to do the same: when gov’t gets enough info on
    “police” or gov’t pretenders they CAN hammer the US participants.

    PS: when posting, face-booking, etc, I would strongly implore you to
    DON’T PUT UR REAL NAMES UP THERE! & If someone / something
    wants your “date of birth”, pick a nice close date and use THAT date
    consistently, other than for Govt, Soc Sec office, IRS, and your employer,
    who actually need and deserve “real” data. I wish I had started doing
    that when I was 18 years old ! since less data our there = less hacking !

    Grumpy N Texas

  40. I got a call from 844-419-7960. She called both my cellphone and work (which is a no-no). Not sure if it’s an collection agency or what, but I refused to talk to her. They called back, but did not leave a message. Does anyone recognize this number?

  41. Robo call to my Android phone with voice mail from lady named Karen Bentley saying that she has papers she wants to serve me at either my home or my work. That if I have any questions to call the plantiff at 844-399-9881. I will not call back. I got similar call from male caller and numerous voice messages end of September and through October. I have no legal issues against me and I have not outstanding debt. This is just a scam. I wished there was way to block their calls but the caller id only shows 000-000-0000.

  42. I keep getting phone calls from someone named Samantha who says she is a processor. The phone number is 844- 515-8189. They even leave a case number.

  43. Received calls from 844-769-9878 and 844-769-9880 and I didn’t answer either because of suspicion. I tried googling them and neither registered but info regarding scams from 844 numbers. Glad I screen calls, I don’t have time for it.

  44. My husband got a call from 1844-666-1556, the same number as Alvin from on here. The caller said he was in big legal trouble in the county we live in. They also called his mom and a friend of his. When he calls this number back with the questionable case number given to him there is a recording you can barely understand. They came across as if they were with a court system or legal team but they are not! Bewarebof this number

  45. I just got a call from an unknown number claiming they have legal docs to deliver to me, i refused to give the lady ANY info so she told me to call 844-323-6816 she said it was Wilshire Law group, so while i was calling the number i was looking them up, Wilshire Law Group is in California and they specialize in accident or personal injury, but the guy who answered said that Wells Fargo bank was suing me, the “file” number came up with numerous names he claims and the last 4 of the social he said was mine was no where near my social. I googled the number and couldnt come up with any info on the number.

  46. Thanks for sharing this info! i received a call from telephone number 844-740-4911! These people are ridiculous!

  47. Thanks to this site my Mom can rest easy. Someone by the name of Ms Clarke found out my father’s and grandparents phone # and left msgs claiming they have important docs about a complaint to have my Mom contact them. My Mom and Dad have been divorced for over 20 yrs so we dont knw how they got the # but they left a msg on his cell phn as an emergency contact. Lies!!! Parents dont even have each others numbers. The number they are using is 844-399-7281. Ppl will try anything! Glad I googled.

  48. I got a call yesterday that showed up as unlisted and they left voice mail informing me to call 844-666-1556 as I was going to be served with papers from a county I do not live in. The person answers the phone as “legal Offices’ and I taled to a person that informed me that I was being charged with wire fraud and deception by check for $300 payday loan. I asked for the company name and said I did not recall this and he said that there are so many that I might have applied for one, got turned down and then a few days later got approved. Anyway this person told me that if I did nothing I would be in court before Christmas and could expect at least $1,510 in court costs and other fees. He also told me that failure to respond would result in me having registration suspended on two of my vehicles. Do not know why they mentioned these as I actually own four vehicles and all are paid for with no liens. He then told me that if I agreed to pay $510 that this would be considered closed or that I could pay $345 today and $345 in ten days. Just looked up the 844 area code and one site said it is reserved for future use. I think this is a scam but the thing that bothers me is that they have last four of my social, a phone number and have an address that I never lived at but that my son used to live at and it is owned by his father in law. I too think this is a total scam

  49. Just got a call from an “844” area code…I didn’t answer the phone because the number wasn’t familiar…so I googled it. Glad I did! The number the call originated from was 844-697-2579.

  50. Just received a call from this number: 844.808.3010. They, whoever ‘they’ are, wanted information on my husband and claims he owes money. Wow, what a scam. Glad I googled this number and found this site.

  51. I received a call from 844-225-2244 claiming of not paying credit card debt to capital one best buy account. anyone have the same problem?

  52. I got a voicemail yesterda from one of the same numbers as listed above – 844-547-7508. I suspected it was fraud, so just now I went looking for the location of area code 844 – and found this! I was right! What evil is at work in this world today!

  53. My dad got a call from 845-754-9221. They claim that they have FDS papers to serve me. They used a last name for me I haven’t used in 5 years. They even have My dad a case number for me. Has anyone else gotten a call from this number?

  54. I also was just contacted yesterday concerning this same tax fruad issue from phone # 844-205-8529 from a John Mathews. I did not call and I beleive it is a scam, So glad I looked this up first.

  55. I received a call from 844-382-4642.The person said it was an urgent call and to call them immediately regarding check fraud. I do not even have any checks. Go figure. I didn’t answer the call they left a message. Please, when will this stop??

    No name given

  56. I have been getting calls from a man named Matt (this time around) and telling me he is going to be coming to my house and or place of employment to serve me with an arrest warrant and lawsuit petitions and he is going to come between 12-5. He has called me three days straight in this cycle go around telling me everyday is the day he is coming and that I have been notified. My name, and the last 4 of my social security number. Also tells me to be home with my government issued ID. I am home alone, with my dogs, while my kids are at school. I believe my identity has been compromised and am in the process of dealing with that. However, we have a gun I am not afraid to use if I am threatened. My dog will take care of it first, though. Attorney general has been contacted. This is my experience: a legitimate process server will not call you to make sure you are home. They will have the correct address and have you sign a receipt, hand you paperwork with instructions on what to do, and verify your identity. They wear ID badges clearly on their person. They come during the daytime hours. Not this craziness on the phone. These people have, for the last year or so off and on, been harassing and threatening me and I told them in the beginning to feel free. The same person will call for several months always changing names, but never with foreign accents. so they must be Americanized or Americans but not on American soil, making it super hard for them to be located and stopped by law enforcement. I don’t consider myself in hiding, but I will not answer my door if home alone, nor my phone if I do not recognize a phone. If the caller ID is blocked, then definitely not answering. I have only been served with one legitimate small claims debt collector lawsuit, I knew who the creditor was, and followed the response procedure at the court clerk’s office. If the scammer starts spitting out statute numbers, like the number letter code of the law you are supposedly violating, ask them to specifically tell you what it is, write it down, then look it up and I will guarantee it is a bogus law or one not even relevant, like an agricultural law (had that happen too, and it was out of Arizona and had to do with the medical care of livestock–yeah no). Dont be afraid, be informed and just do not respond. You can also contact your telephone provider, if a land line, and select an option called selective call acceptance (or variants) and what this does is tell your phone provider to only allow a certain list of designated phone numbers to be allowed through. Anything else, no matter if the caller ID is blocked or not, will be rejected and these yokels won’t be able to get you on the phone. Windstream offers this service. Be safe everyone.

  57. 844-212-7236. Indistinct message for all of two seconds, then says its important for me to call back by 1PM the next day. Always the same recorded message with the same lame guy saying the same thing. Its a scam for sure. Comes across the phone ID as “private”. Why would it be private (blocked) if you want me to call you back? Jerks!!!!!

  58. We have been hounded by these scam artists for a few months now. The latest # they have used is 844-623-6109. They try intimidation tactics to get money & they don’t have any real info on us (name, address, etc) , just fishing for someone scared enough to believe them. They could very easily convince an elderly person that they are in big trouble, which is despicable.

  59. They just called me from a 844-669-1650 number asking for my Brother and saying he had docs to sign. Once i questioned them and they couldn’t answer basic questions they hung up

  60. Over past couple weeks received several calls from US Mediation Services 844-623-6109 claiming that they were investigating a Fraud involving my phone number. I never call them, but it sounds like the same kind of scam.

  61. I got a call from 844-862-7974. Said I should contact them concerning legal problems associated with my SS#. After reading all these, I will surely ignore it.

  62. I received a call from a “Private Number” (blocked number). I don’t answer calls listed that way so it went to voice mail. It was a fellow said his name was Derek. A real fast talker.. saying that he has received paperwork with my name on it and he would be delivering court papers to me within 48 hours at my home or place of employment. He listed a call back number of 844 282-7813 and said it would be in my best interest to call back. lol I don’t work I am retired.
    I tried to call that number back and it was a recording asking to leave my name and phone number lol Did not give them anything….

  63. 11/14/14 844 839 7972 no such toll free number from India…this Ashley Smith told my husband that he was to pay an old debt from 1981 or they were coming to the house to arrest him as well as he was ordered to go to court….he gave some information until i told him to hang up and looked online and found this….filed report with FTC !!

  64. I received a call from a “Private Number” (blocked number). I don’t answer calls listed that way so it went to voice mail. It was a fellow said his name was Derek. A real fast talker.. saying that he has received paperwork with my name on it and he would be delivering court papers to me at my place of employment. He listed a call back number of 844 5607832 and said it would be in my best interest to call back. I did a google search for the 844 number and came across these Scam notes. Thank you for sharing these.

  65. I received a call on my Cell yesterday .. Jeff Green at 844-273-6655 ext 68865
    Saying he needs me to cal ASAP , and said he will be sending papers to my home which was not the complete address and work. The kicker they said was , was about my ex who I haven’t been married to in 7 years……
    I called that number before .finding out about all this nice SCAM info…… the number was .. busy ………..

  66. 1844-400-0225 my niece received a job offer wich was a scam, they stated the company is SPA incorporated. The jos is listed on Graiclist for customer service.
    They promise trainning and supplies

  67. I got more detailed information he said his name was Investigator Rustino from Artmann and Webb (which I Googled and it does not exist) and that he wanted me to call them back at 844-886-5592 so I could provide a copy of my social security card and driver license.

  68. Just got a voice message left by a restricted number. The guy said that he was an investigator and needed me to call an 844 number so I could send them a copy of my social security card and drivers license. Glad experiance has taught me not to fall for this one.

  69. I just got that call today.. When I insisted on more info they told me to call 844-286-5871. That I was being served a SC-100. Glad this site provided me information that I needed in advance…

  70. also got a call 10-30-2014 from local number telling me to call 844-207-1447 about a judgement against me was told to call that #the they would call me back in 35 minutes told them where they could go they hung up hahahaha

  71. 844-365-5111 KEEPS calling me about someone I do not even know, saying they have my ss # etc, stop fricking callling me a big SCAMMMMMMERRRRRRRRRR
    very frustrated, and plus they always call during the day I work

  72. 443-218- called my friends, family and a man that i was married to 24 years ago! They gave the following number to my friends 844-218-7045 and a case number and told them to give it to me to call. It was from an old payday loan. These locator people are NUTS.

  73. I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread! I Googled the number given on my voice mail from a blocked number 844-547-7508, Nothing came up so I called them. 1st call I was on hold for 5 minutes. I called back and a guy answered “TOD SHAW” I asked who he was, where he was calling from and he right off the bat got nasty with me. I knew then and there this was a scam! These people will call everyone even people who you might know or associate with. They will give out false info to scare you. Do not give them money and please file a complaint. All lies!! BEWARE!!

  74. Received a call from (844)344-2779. The guy said his name was Derek Cooke. He could be set up on felony charges for impersonating a police office, but he’s impersonating a Canadian Mounty (RCMP). Undoubtedly the same kind of scam bull$hit call. Don’t fall for it….

  75. I just received a call from xxxxxxxx NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED! I will make sure i let everyone know this is a scam.

  76. tell them to serve you !! thats what your attorney is for…lol…that generally gets their goat.

  77. I got a call from 3108701917 saying that that they was going to serve me papers from the Los Angeles County I have a pay day loans I owe them 50,000 so foe me to call this number 844 218 7045 I called it was a scam so I called the 310 number and no one answered it kept ringing and ringing smh be careful

  78. i got a call from 844-886-5597 stating they were an investigator and had papers to serve today. called sheriff and they stated this was when this “investigator” returns my call tomorrow im going to tell them i know what they r up to

  79. We received a phone call and left a message for my husband but the “wife’s. ” name mentioned is incorrect and wanted to call them at 844-668-9637. They said it is about our property , but we don’t have any problem with our mortgage company . Good to see this page . Beware. !

  80. 844-216-0849 called my work and told my work I had a warrant out for my arrest and that I needed to call immediately and even gave a Detective Name. Itnstead it was a company called United Landmark. They are a scam, and I fell for it unfortunately they took 500 dollars from me! I am currently disputing the transactions.

  81. I live in GA, got a vm msg(10.23.2014) from a private number by a Monica Hardy 844.343.9767 investigating the whereabouts of a person I don’t know with my ex last name. She left a case # also. The voice sounded American, maybe from the south.

  82. Received a call from a local number asking where I would like my documents served to me and when I asked “What for?” he gave me this number 844-218-4042 to contact for an explanation. I figured it was a scam but am glad to have found this post to confirm.

  83. Just received similar call from 844-606-6287 saying that I will be served papers at my place of employment or home. They also said that I would need to call this number back to see what company is suing me. This is crazy!

  84. I received a call at my work,??!! stating that I was being summons to court, and did I want the papers delivered at work or she gave me a number to call 844-874-8625. When I called the number, I get a voice recording saying…The number is not currently set up to receive calls, please try again later.

  85. Just received a post card “urgent notice unclailmed reward on your account. $100.00 in savings good at Walmart, Target etc. call 1 844 800 1907” —
    I remember the # 844 from an e-mail notice–

  86. Yesterday 10/20/14 I received a call from an Investigator Sinclair. Sounded like a southern accent saying I had formal charges being brought against me by the State of California and that he needed me to call him back with my attorney info so he could attach it to the affidavit of record. It’s Attorney James office with Walker Law. The number is (844) 557-1430. Freaked me out at first then I realized this is probably a scam.

  87. i just got a call from 844 216 2740 saying that i had some criminal charges being processed against me and that i should call them. i was very happy to see these postings as this confirms my suspicions that it was a scam call!!

  88. There are 2 things that are certain: The IRS will NEVER call you. They will notify you via mail if you owe them. Also, a process server will never call you and tell you to be home- if the point is to catch you why warn you that theyre coming to serve you? I have been getting calls from a blocked # with messages to call Mediation Services at an 844 number which I will not be doing. If there are legal grounds for being served, you will be served without a phone call warning you first.

  89. Received a call from 844-839-9772 saying I am being sued and they need my mailing address to serve me papers. And the had my previous last name and an address u never lived listed. These people are scammers. Tried calling the number back several times and it’s just busy.

  90. I also just received this call ten minutes ago from 1-844-210-9555 threatening to turn me in to the federal government for tax fraud and have me arrested unless I called them back immediately. I did call but something told me to hang up before the call went through, just didn’t seem right, I figured I would have received some mail or something from the IRS before this if they had been trying to reach me, plus I have nothing to hide, so they could have found me if they wanted to. I hate people that prey on others this way, they need to be stopped!

  91. I received a call from a women stating that if I did not contact them in 24 hours the would be sending the sherif to my home to serve me with a law suit. This was not a person from India it’s was someone speaking clearly. They might have hired an American to make calls.

  92. Got a call from 844-355-4009 saying they were taking me to court over a Visa card from a Marshall and Isley Bank. Never heard of this bank. They did have my name, address, and social. Reported them to local Sheriff.

  93. I just got a call from 8442411471 it was an automated voice, called them back and the heavily accented guy answered I said that this was a scam, contacted the irs and emailed the information. Called the number back and they did not answer.

  94. Got the phone call tonight. Federal Agent who want us to call him back right away to stop them from taking our case to the Federal Court for tax evasion. He also said someone is trying to sue us and he can tell us who they are. I have been audited by the IRS years ago, and it was not by phone. Total scammers! Probably scaring older people to death!

  95. How does it show up on the phone? Besides the number is there a name that goes along with it or does it show up as “unavailable”. I usually don’t answer phone calls unless I know who’s calling or there is a name attached especially unavailable.

  96. David
    Received a call clamming to an IRS agent Phone number 844 210 4666, It was the same threating fraud as above, what a bunch of bull!

  97. I just got a call from (844)266-6460 & also threatened saying they were coming to my house to have my ID ready & if i wasn’t there he’d go to my place of employment. He didnt have an accent & sounded exactly like different # same area code that was calling few months ago….sure its a scam but thersz always that what if it’s not but i haven’t done any wrong…. wonder if i should call local police dept .

  98. I had a call today from a heavily accented man claiming to be from the IRS. Then I got a fake call (also heavily accented) from someone stating they were the sheriff. They said they were coming to arrest me for tax fraud…what? Then the original fellow called back and informed me he was coming over to my house. He stated he would like to talk to me in my bedroom and said exactly what I would have to do….to clear all this up. I told him where to go and called the police. They explained to me that this was a scam and to not give them any info…duh. I later found out that the IRS has been hacked. Scared the heck out of me.

  99. I received a called from very intimidating call from 844-886-5592 to my place of employment. She left a voice mail stating that I need to be home between the hours of 3pm-6pm to be served court papers and that I must have my social security number and ID. If I am not home, she will come to my job and serve me. She even left a case number. How do you stop these calls?

  100. Received calls from 844-866-5592 both on my cell phone and work. Plus they called my 92 yr old mom & had her upset. These claim to be Investigators regarding fraud with a credit union. Gave 2 different claim numbers to me & my mom but the calls were for me. Info they could get off of the internet. I contacted my bank and they said it was a scam as well as the local police.

  101. I live in Northeastern Ohio and got got a call from the “IRS” on Thursday 8/21/14 and was suspicious that they had my married name as I’ve divorced for seven years and never received any affidavit as they had threatened. The male caller definitely had an Indian accent. I called back for more information and there was just a busy signal. Luckily, I found this article when I put the phone number in google to see what popped up!

  102. I’ve been getting this same call for the past two days. They threaten you with legal problems and the “local authorities”. Maybe it’s just me, but if the IRS was really trying to contact me, I think they might at least know my name (which is not included in the message). I’m tempted to call them back just to tell them what idiots they are, and please DO contact the local authorities…feel free.

  103. If there is only a phone number and no other information I will let it go to voicemail, they usually don’t leave a message.

  104. If your phone rings and it’s that number you can say ” Its done, and there’s blood all over the place but they’re all dead” then hang up….LOL

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