“Strengthening the bond between the Community and our Local Businesses.”

The Alpine Community Network is the ULTIMATE local business advertising resource! There is no better way to be seen by the residents in your community INSTANTLY and CONTINUALLY!



We reach over 62% of the Households in Alpine.



40,160 Monthly Website Views



12,729 Alpine Users



4,500+ Email Subscribers



10,000+ Facebook Followers



42% Email Open Rate

(Industry average is 17%)


1,000+ Twitter Followers



Some of the biggest reasons why advertising on the Alpine Community Network is a smart & forward-thinking decision:

  • With huge exposure on our website, our growing Email Network and 1st page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing searches for Alpine related keywords and phrases, you will get the exposure you are looking at an affordable price.
  • No longer HOPE that your ad is seenIT WILL BE SEEN in multiple places and through multiple channels; on the website, through emails, through internet searches, through social media and in our business directory.
  • Support the Network the supports your Community. There is no better feeling than knowing you are helping thousands of people in your Community, while at the same time exposing your business to them.


If you are ready to get some really great exposure for you business, we are here to help! Contact us via email or telephone today  and we will get you started right away!!

Angela May
Director, Alpine Community Network
| 619-417-4358


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