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SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Fireworks Placed in Yard (River Dance Rd.) Alpine 6-21-17

Date: 6-21-17 Location: River Dance Community – Across from Albertsons off of Highlands View Rd. Alpine Ca 91901

I just wanted to put the word out and see if anyone knows any information. Last night between 12-1am I heard what I thought was kids running down my street. I got up and looked expecting to see a toilet papered house but I saw nothing. This morning when I went out to my car I noticed someone had strategically placed a big firework under my tree, as to maybe catch it on fire? I think the “running feet” I heard was actually the firework going off. Neighbors have video cameras so we could watch the whole scene play out. Unfortunately we can’t see the license plate. We can see it was a dark 4 door sedan with 3-4 younger looking boys/men.

I called the police to report it because it is a huge fire danger and to be honest kind of scary. They can’t do anything without more info. So I am asking people to be aware, school is out and I guess the kids will “play”.

Has anyone else seen or had this happen to them? Any info would be much appreciated. This could have started a big tree fire which is right next to my kids upstairs window.

My neighbors security camera got video of the incident from 2 different angles.

Watch videos here:

Jessica G


UPDATE: 6-22-17 This was also posted on the Alpine Community Network Facebook Page, where other residents have commented seeing this same car causing trouble in the same are and around Alpine. One resident said “If the car in this video is a dark gray BMW with all the widows tinted, then it is the same car  that crossed a double yellow on Arnold to try and scare me while I was walking. I see the car all the time between 10 pm -1 am. The car also has those tinted rain gutter things on the windows.” Another said, “Same thing happened to me and my husband in the highlands area walking. They actually gunned the gas and swerved over at us and then took off!”

There is also another suspicious activity post here on our website that sound like it may also be the same car / kids:

Update posted by Angela Brookshire – ACN Admin


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  1. I live on the corner of Highlands View and Olive View. Alittle after midnight two nights ago I heard walking out on Olive View, as I looked out my bedroom window I saw three teenage boys. The next thing one of them lit fireworks then they took over running north on Highlands View Rd. I called the Sheriff Dept and at 12:20 am the Sherrif drove up and down Highlands View and Olive View. NFD. On two prior occasions I had my gas siphoned out of my Suburban. Not cool

  2. I live on Highlands View and we had the same thing but it looked more like a smoke bomb shell. I will check my cameras and if anything is visible I will let you know.

  3. Thank you for the heads up and alerting the community. We are in an older home located just west of your housing development. This is very alarming because those of us with common sense know the danger of fire here in Alpine (and anywhere in SD ). As always, we will keep our eyes and ears open.

  4. Of course the sheriffs are unable to “do anything, unless something occurs”, like a fire, someone actually witnessing it, caught on camera or video taping it.

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