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19 Month Old Kylie Diagnosed with Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma – Let’s Show our Support for this Young Alpine Family

Prayers for kylie_kylie

19-month-old Kylie Rowand went into the doctors Dec. 26th for a swollen eye. The first scan showed a mass behind her eye and doctor’s hoped it was an infection. The doctors determined that the mass was a tumor. In total, little Kylie has 3 tumors in her head/face, some on her liver, one by her spleen, and other tumors on her pelvic bone, spine, femur of one leg and calf bone on the other leg.

On Dec. 30th, Kylie was diagnosed with Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma. We need your help to get her the BEST treatment possible! No contribution is too small! Please join us in being her Prayer Warriors!!! She has a long journey ahead, but the family is filled with faith, hope and optimism. “With God, all things are possible.” Kylie is so strong and can conquer anything!

Kylie and her family live HERE IN ALPINE…. PLEASE lift Kylie and her parents, Luke and Bree, up in prayer!

Thank you for all of your love, support and prayers!!!



DONATE: Click here to view the PRAYERS FOR KYLIE GO FUND ME PAGE. Any amount will help! 

Or you can donate to a special account that has been set up for her and her family at California Bank and Trust Alpine Branch  ~2250 Alpine Blvd. Alpine, CA 91901 (619.445.9321) This is where her mom Bree Rowand works.

LIKE the PRAYERS FOR KYLIE Facebook Page to follow her story and show support:


1-10-14 KYLIE UPDATE from her Facebook page:

It’s 9:45 am and we are sitting here waiting for the dr to say if we can go home or not today. She hasn’t had a fever in 3 days! Yay! So that’s a good sign. Last night we had to change the dressing on her catheter. They put so much tape on those things it’s so painful to take off. She fights it tooth and nail. Then this morning she was choking on her phlegm and threw up all over her nice new dressing, which means we had to re do it again!! Her skin is so raw. Poor little thing is having such a rough time w this catheter. Her clotting factor is pretty low today so they are giving her some plasmas and then we will be on our way home!

Just got word that sweet little Parker is CANCER FREE! He was diagnosed in April w the same thing as Kylie, stage 4 neuroblastoma. As I sit here w tears running down my face I cant help but be so overwhelmed w joy. We have such an amazing God. I just want to hug that entire Shaw family and tell them how proud of them I am! You can never imagine how hard of journey this is until your in it. Parker you are such an inspiration to us and we cannot wait to see you!!! Thank u for giving us hope! We love you!!!



Kylie mom & Dad 1-2-14

Kylie Update 1-2-14: (posted by Rachelle Bonine Vitale via Kylie’s GoFundMe Page)

“Please say an extra special prayer for Kylie today as she undergoes surgery and then starts chemotherapy treatment. To follow her journey please “like” her Prayers for Kylie Facebook page and “follow” her Instagram account @prayersforKylie. To Donate to her GoFundMe Account to help her family get the best treatment possible please click here:

Thank you for your continued support, prayers, faith and love!”




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  1. Kylie, we are praying for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, we love you. God Bless his little warrior.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about all the pain she is going through. My heart breaks for her mother and father. I spent three months in the hospital when I was young girl and all I wanted to do was go home. If the doctors are sure there’s nothing more they can do at this point I wish you would reconsider taking her to her home where she is comforted by soft things her own toys and bedroom. All the hardness of a hospital room and the noises is very stressful and not a good visual. Please take her home.

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