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Truck Fire on Side of Freeway Near Albertsons – 4-18-13


4-18-13 Truck Fire_opt


4-18-13 Truck Fire on Freeway By Albertsons_opt

 I was also able to take some video:
(You can here the truck’s horn the whole time it was burning – Maybe the truck was trying to tell everyone it was on fire? LOL! )

4-18-13 1:05pm: I just happened to be heading home from lunch and at the corner of Alpine Blvd and South Grade Rd., Across from Albertsons up on the freeway shoulder there was a truck that had caught on fire. Alpine Fire was on Scene already (It looked like Capt. Brad Rushing) was shoveling dirt into the cab of the truck to keep the flames down until the fire truck arrived. The fire truck arrived moments later – just in time for the truck to erupt into very large flames and start to spread down the bank towards Alpine Blvd. Within minutes the Alpine Fire Crew had it knocked down.

Good work guys! Our Alpine Fire Dept ROCKS! With the horrible winds we have been having today…this could have turned into something much worse.

Angela Brookshire – ACN Director

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  1. Wow! We were wondering about the smoke because we could see it from our house.

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