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A Bank Account Has Been Set Up for Donations for the Sons of Alpine Mother Killed Over the Holiday


The Meltzer Family

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An account has been set up for Debbie Meltzer’s boys at Chase Bank for anyone who would like to donate.  Jacob and Lucas Meltzer fund Account number is 3010155215.  This account does not have their name on it,  because the boys are under 18 and it was set up by a relative. I have spoken personally to Melanie at the Chase Bank in Alpine and she confirmed that this account is for the Meltzer boys.  She also assured me that anyone who comes into the Chase bank in Alpine asking to donate to the Meltzer boy’s account and does not have the account number, will be directed to the appropriate account.  If you want to donate at a different Chase Bank Branch, you will need the account number. Please help spread this information to your friends and family in our community.

You may come in to the Alpine Branch to make a donation or you may also mail a check to the Chase Alpine Branch as well, with the account number given above.

Chase Bank – Alpine Branch
1271 Tavern Rd
Alpine CA, 91901
(619) 445-2620

Sunday: closed
Monday: 9:00-6:00
Tuesday: 9:00-6:00
Wednesday: 9:00-6:00
Thursday: 9:00-6:00
Friday: 9:00-6:00
Saturday: 9:00-4:00


 MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR DEBBIE MELTZER: A memorial service for Debbie Meltzer has been scheduled for Saturday (12/31) at 2pm, Alpine Christian Fellowship (9590 Chocolate Summit Drive). Off I-8 @ Dunbar Lane



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  1. Hi friends!! December 23rd Deb Meltzer; a beautiful mother, daughter, sister, friend and nurse tragically lost her life.

    Hooley’s in Rancho San Diego have generously donated their restaurant to hold a fundraiser for Deb’s sweet boys on Monday, January 16th from 5:00-9:00 pm

    They are graciously donating 20% of your food purchases to the boys and we are selling raffle tickets for some hot items donated by the community!! Spread the word!!!!! xoxo

  2. It is heartwarming that folks are stepping up to help their friends and neighbors. Still some folks may be partially motivated by the opportunity to get a tax deduction – such as they might give more if it is deductible.

    Therefore, just to clarify, donations made to such bank trust accounts, while great for the family, are not tax deductible unless the account is set up by a 501c3 non-profit and the non-profit issues checks out of that account to the family (either on request or on a set schedule). Only a 501c3 can issue donation receipts that are accepted in audit as tax deductible.

    Those needing the deduction should hand their donation checks to the 501c3 so receipts can be drawn up. All others, namely those depositing directly to the various bank accounts will receive a reward for their generosity in Heaven but not from the IRS. You need a receipt and a cancelled check for an IRS deduction.

  3. I think we should all get together and do a fundraiser regardless of the amount of money is donated. There can never be enough to get these kids through this difficult time. I would love to help, does anyone know how to get started?? Call me 722-6227

  4. Hi everyone – I have updated some information on this post regarding the Account that was set up for the boys at Chase bank. Someone had contacted me and was concerned about donating because when they went into a chase bank (Not in Alpine) to donate, they were told that the account number they were given was not under the “Meltzer” name, but it was an Alpine account – so they were concerned about donating to it. I called chase back this morning and they reassured me that it WAS THE CORRECT ACCOUNT # and that it was set up by a family member for them since they are under 18. If you go into the Chase bank in Alpine and just mention the Meltzer name and do not have the account number, they will direct you to the appropriate account.

    ALSO: A memorial service for Debbie Meltzer has been scheduled for Saturday (12/31) at 2pm, Alpine Christian Fellowship (9590 Chocolate Summit Drive). Off I-8 @ Dunbar Lane

  5. Alpine is so giving and quick to take care of each other. A fundraiser would be a good idea…I remember the Vinnie Higgins dinner. We couldn’t get in there were so many people!!

  6. Fellow Alpiners,
    I am sitting here writing a check for Debbie Meltzer’s childrens trust fund. There is much evidence that the use of prescription pain killers had a direct link to the behavior of the shooter, Justin Meltzer. This opinion is mine: “The addict is the only one who can initiate the path to becoming clean and sober but WE, the families and loved ones of the addict must protect ourselves with well defined boundaries and coping strategies.” The behavioral effects of prescription drugs, and opiates in particular is pervasive and ugly. A good place to start this protection is at a group made up of people who must deal on a daily basis with the addict. WE have such a place here in Alpine.

    Alpine 91901 (W/D72)
    6:30pm on Fridays
    Make Mine Alpine AFG (A Family Group)
    Alpine Community Church (Fellowship Hall)
    2225 W. Victoria Drive

    Here you can share your story, listen to others, not feel alone, know that the problem is pervasive and it’s not going away! There is no shame or guilt being the mother, father, husband or wife, etc. of an addict. Get you and your family help to cope and protect yourselves. This is NOT an inner city, poor peoples, or minority problem! It is here in Alpine and the sooner we fight the War on Drugs in the ONLY place where it is effective and that is the FAMILY (define that as you may), the sooner we can get a handle on the prescription pain killer as the way to handle pain in our society.
    Dr. Bob and Marti Friday

  7. If the funds don’t add up to enough to see these children through this terrible time in their life, perhaps we…as a community might set up a fund raising night, much like we did for Vinnie Higgins Cancer fund. Many people giving just a little make a huge difference and Alpine has always stepped up to the plate when the need was great.

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